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Guidelines & FAQs

Absenteeism from games and trainings

Wherever possible, the coach must be notified by the boy concerned prior to an intended absence from training. Students are not permitted to send messages to their coaches via other students. It is expected boys or parents will write to the Housemaster seeking permission well in advance of unavoidable absences. Queen’s Birthday, end of school term, Show weekend and Labour weekend are not considered valid reasons if students have sporting fixtures taking place.

Permission to be absent from games will only be given in special circumstances, and it is the Director of Sport and Housemaster who make the final decision. Representation in outside teams, part-time jobs, outside school activities, and the like, are not acceptable reasons for the avoidance of sport. If a boy is absent from a Saturday game as a result of unforeseen circumstances, he MUST report to his coach on Monday, with a doctor’s certificate for sickness or a note from his parents explaining his absence. Notes from home will not be accepted in the case of prolonged sickness. If a student fails to make contact with his coach, he will be given a detention. All boys in summer and winter sports teams MUST have their coach's or captain’s phone number. The coach or captain should be contacted in the case of sudden illness or last-minute transport problems. Failure to turn up at a game causes serious inconvenience, both to a boy's own team and the opposition.

Change of sport

Students wishing to change sport may make a request through the Director of Sport. Consideration will be given to numbers already in that sport, game commitments and maintenance of standards in each sport. The final decision is made by the Director of Sport.

Game draws

Game venues and times will be relayed via coaches and/or sports noticeboard. Midweek and weekend fixtures are published on the College sports website under 'Fixtures'.

High performance exemptions

In special cases – for example, high-level performance athletes – boys can be granted either a summer or winter sport exemption. This allows boys to train and compete within their club and at provincial and national level. These are generally for sports not offered at College. Exemptions must be applied for in writing to Mr Rob Clarke, Director of Sport. Exemptions for part-time jobs, tuition, or other such reasons, will not be granted.

Insurance, medical and other

College has an insurance policy that covers students for a range of benefits, but it is supplementary to private health cover. It does not supersede private health insurance. Any medical or surgical treatment should be sought under private health cover as appropriate.

Medical assistance or injury during sport

Team coaches / managers will be in charge of this matter. Parents will be informed by telephone of any serious injuries. The school policy is for an adult to attend hospital with the student. If a boarder is injured, the House matron / House staff will be informed and she will usually go to the hospital after informing the parents.

Outside sport

Participation in sports clubs or teams outside College is difficult, but in some cases special circumstances may apply. Written application must be made to the Director of Sport. Time off school to attend outside sporting events must be made through the Housemaster and Director of Sport. The Deputy Principal will make the final decision. Parents are most welcome to discuss this matter with the Director of Sport.

Selection policy

Team selection is the prerogative of the coach. Boys will be selected primarily according to their ability, within their age group. Other factors – such as, dependability and maturity – may be taken into account. If students are absent from school on training days, they must contact the coach and inform them of their availability for matches.

Sickness and injury

If a boy becomes ill or injured and is unable to participate in training and games for a prolonged period, he will be placed on “official duties”, within the team or sport – for example, as a water boy or manager. All boys who are unable to participate in sport for an extended period must provide the Director of Sport and their Housemaster with a doctor’s certificate.

Sports season

College divides sport into two seasons: Winter (Terms 2 and 3) and Summer (Terms 1 and 4), with Terms 1 and 3 holidays separating the seasons. Selection for sport choice takes place in week 5 of either Term 1 or Term 3 and is completed through  boarding and day Houses.

Training and times

For each sport, training will usually be held on two afternoons a week – depending on age group, sport, team and time of the year. As a boy progresses into higher age groups, this may be extended. If training requires students to move offsite then they must wear correct training gear which is specific to the sport they are playing.


The correct uniform must be worn during games and practices. This includes travelling to and from and at games. Check with the Master in Charge of your sport if you have any questions. No variation of uniform is allowed. Summer and winter season sports uniforms must be worn with pride. Non-College t-shirts, caps or other clothing are not permitted. Sports uniforms are available from the uniform shop.

Water bottles

Students are expected to bring their own water bottle. It is against health regulations for students to share bottles. Students’ bottles should be clearly marked with their name. Water bottles are available for purchase from the uniform shop.

Wet weather arrangements – summer and winter

Wednesday competition and training cancellations will be published on the sports noticeboard, student notices and College sport website.

For Saturday sport, participants should listen to Newstalk ZB 1098AM on the morning of the match, or check for cancellations on the College sports website. Some major College sports have Facebook pages which will also provide information on cancellations. Currently rowing, cricket, football, rugby, hockey and basketball have club Facebook pages.


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