No surprises, peace of mind

At College, every effort is made to ensure our fees reflect good value for money without compromising on our commitment to deliver a high-quality educational experience.

College fees are all-inclusive. Other independent schools add a monthly disbursement to their base fees. These relate to all sorts of costs, such as learning support, gifted and talented extension programmes, textbooks, classroom workbooks, camp costs, sports club fees, entry and competition fees, transport charges, NCEA fees, House and school activity charges, and more.

At Christ’s College, you know what to expect and can enjoy peace of mind.

Domestic Student Fees 2024 (GST incl)

Item Amount
Enrolment fee $250
Acceptance fee $2,500 (this fee confirms your enrolment place at Christ's College and provides your son with the benefits of a lifetime membership of the Christ’s College Old Boys’ Association)
Annual dayboy tuition fee
  • $32,250 – Years 9, 11, 12 & 13
  • $33,870 – Year 10, includes residential charge for Immerse & Inspire
Annual boarder fees
  • $32,250 – Tuition fee Years 9–13
  • $21,000 – Boarding fee Years 9–13
  • $53,250 – Total
Heritage & Building Levy (Charged per family) $1,600

Our fees cover all compulsory costs associated with attending College, including:

  • Heritage and Building Levy

    • Charged per family
  • Curriculum
    • All NZQA fees
    • Learning enhancement (support and extension programmes)
    • Curriculum-based excursions
    • Entry fees to competitions and registrations
    • Textbooks
    • Classroom workbooks
    • Art materials
    • Workshop technology materials
  • Pastoral care
    • House activities
    • House levies
    • House and individual photographs
    • Prefects' photograph
    • Year 13 leavers' photograph
    • Year 13 Founders’ Dinner
    • Register Magazine
  • Co-curricular activities
    • Sports participation fees
    • Coaching costs
    • Outdoor Education camp costs
    • Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award registration fee for the Silver Award
    • Parents’ Association levy to fund specific co-curricular programmes and parent connection – for example, House Music at the Town Hall and SchoolTV
  • Character & Leadership
    • Year 10 Immerse & Inspire – a four-week programme for Year 10 students, including the Boyle River Outdoor Education five-day camp; Kōhititia – a three-day workshop focused on global challenges; overnight Ōnuku Marae visit; tours of places of worship; workshop on Character & Leadership; specialist careers advice; specialist workshops on sexuality and identity
    • Year 11 Wellbeing Conference – a focus on how to handle the academic and social pressures students in this year group may be starting to face
    • Years 9–13 Year Group Leadership Development Programmes – they will consist of conferences and workshops where students learn about leadership and have the opportunity to think about the type of leader they wish to become
  • Mandatory additional costs (not included in the fees)
    • Uniforms and sports clothing
    • Personal items
    • Whole school photo (every five years)
    • Team, group, and additional photographs
    • Costs incurred for trips outside the Canterbury region
  • Opt-in additional costs
    • Significant material costs in technology classes
    • Elective options – such as private music tuition, instrumental music, speech and drama tuition, dayboy lunches, tickets for dances, balls or the semi-formal
    • Optional co-curricular activities and tours
    • Exceptional specific co-curricular activity costs acknowledged at point of selection
    • Annual House dinner
    • Year 13 Leavers' Function at the Wigram Airforce Museum
    • Year 13 Leavers' merchandise


Fees are payable in 10 monthly instalments from February to November. All fee payers are required to provide a direct debit authority for the collection of fees on the 20th of the month. Should you wish to pay by alternative means (online bank payments or credit/debit card), provided that your outstanding balance is paid in full prior to the 20th of the month, the direct debit will not run on your account.

Fees protection scheme

Christ's College has in place, without cost to parents, a scheme to ensure the continued education of a boy who is a pupil at College, in the event of the death of a nominated fee-paying parent. Further information is provided once a place has been offered and accepted.

Refund policy

In order to be eligible for any refund, the parents must apply in writing to the Executive Principal, stating the reasons for withdrawal from the course of study.

  1. If notice of cancellation is received in writing two weeks before the commencement of the course, full tuition fees and boarding fees will be refunded, less:
    • NZ$250 enrolment fee
    • NZ$2,500 administration fee
  2. If the parents wish to cancel the student’s further study after the course has commenced, tuition fees for the current school term plus one subsequent term’s fees will be charged.
  3. No refund when enrolment is withdrawn by the school.
  4. When an international student's passport status has been changed to permanent residence or work visa status, tuition fees for the current school term plus one subsequent term’s fees will be retained.

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