Executive Principal’s Welcome

Garth Wynne

This website is a window into the world of Christ’s College, New Zealand’s best-known and leading school for boys.

Christ's College is an independent boarding and day school, established as part of the original Anglican foundation of Christchurch.

Core Christian virtues guide all that we do and how we act. Honesty, respect, justice and compassion create a caring and supportive environment at College, where boys feel comfortable to be themselves as they strive to reach their potential. Our mission is Each boy at his best.

We have a clear vision at Christ’s College ... To educate boys to be virtuous men who make a positive contribution to society.

Our campus is unique. It is a combination of heritage buildings alongside state-of-the-art modern learning spaces, with facilities at the cutting edge of technological excellence.

However, College’s greatest asset is its talented teaching and support staff, who work to enable boundless opportunities to emerge for the boys. These highly qualified and committed people are supported by forward-thinking governance and a dedicated team of professional administrators. Together, they ensure the school provides every opportunity for our boys to achieve at their best.

Boys with a wide range of abilities are welcome at College. There is consistent emphasis on ambition and achievement at all levels, which ensures our student outcomes are among the very best in New Zealand. We nurture the ambitions of some of the brightest scholars in the land while taking equal pleasure in the outstanding progress made by those who benefit from our learning support programmes. The boys respect each other’s commitment, whether within or outside the classroom. Our natural diversity is a key to our success.

Pastoral support is, in the first instance, provided through our House system. There are 10 Houses at College – three for boarders and seven for dayboys – and each boy is a member of a House. The Houses provide a place for study and relaxation, and are the focus of all internal sporting and cultural activities. Vertical organisation within the Houses provides opportunities for leadership and mentoring, and for friendships to develop across year groups.

Boarding has a significant role within the school. The boarding Houses reflect our strong traditions and provide a sense of belonging and connectedness for all boys. The heart of the school beats around the clock. When classes are over and prep is done, boys can choose from a wide range of co-curricular activities that form part of our unique Boarding Programme. Students also enjoy out-of-hours access to libraries, computer suites, sports facilities and workshops.

Our commitment is to provide opportunities that allow boys to develop the skills and dispositions for success in a complex and ever-changing world.

If you would like to visit Christ’s College, or speak with me or our Admissions Registrar, please feel free to contact us to arrange a personal tour. Email email hidden; JavaScript is required or telephone 03 364 6836.

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

Head Prefect’s Welcome

HA11 B Ward H 8964 5398

Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome to Christ’s College.

Here at Christ’s College boys are presented with vast opportunities to challenge themselves, and plentiful resources for guidance through such challenges. Through a normal day, boys will see their academic, sporting and cultural skills tested in a way which will challenge and inspire.

The most unique part of Christ’s College, and, in many cases, one the boys most enjoy, is the House system. Each boy is assigned to one of 10 Houses for their time at College. For dayboys, the House is a place to retreat to during breaks and somewhere to hang out or study after school. For boarders, it is a home away from home, and with each House being on-site, it is hugely convenient for after-school activities. Although a great facility, arguably the most enjoyable part of the House system at College is the interhouse competitions, where each House competes against one another all year round in anything from singing to chess to basketball. Each interhouse event presents an opportunity for boys to try something new in a friendly, light-hearted environment and creates friendships and camaraderie between all year groups.

Obviously, the core to Christ’s College is the education it offers boys, and with small class sizes, each teacher is able to cater more to an individual’s needs. Furthermore, the smaller class sizes allow for stronger relationships to be developed between teacher and students, creating a better environment for learning. Christ’s College’s teachers and facilities are excellent in creating the unique educational environment which allows for each boy to perform at their best.

The arts opportunities at Christ’s College provide for excellent plays, fabulous singing and impressive instrumental options. Whether a boy is into being part of a big band, rock band, choir or cast, College offers phenomenal and experienced staff to help each boy reach their potential when it comes to their cultural endeavours. In 2021, we even saw College’s first-ever dance crew, which was a place for some unorthodox dancing and laughter.

Sport is another co-curricular activity each boy participates in. In recent years, College has seen its excellent sporting programmes achieve highly, as well as help develop boys as individuals outside of their sport. Regardless of whether a boy wants to be the best at their chosen sport, or play for the pure enjoyment and team spirit, there are many opportunities offered across each code. I myself have participated in five different sports at College and loved each and everyone of them.

Something I would say to my Year 9 self about College – knowing what I know now – is to take advantage of the vast opportunities offered to you, and look forward to knowing that you are about to become part of a lifelong community that has your best interests at heart.

I believe that through such opportunities come the most enjoyment, and at the end of the day that’s the best possible outcome.

Benji Ward
Head Prefect 2022