Caroline Black – Director of Wellbeing Education

Staff Caroline Black 6072 SQ

With psychological wellbeing a fundamental cornerstone of good health, Caroline Black this year leads the charge as College’s new Director of Wellbeing Education.

After 22 years in education, and now in her eighth at College, Caroline now heads the Centre for Wellbeing and her focus is to ensure that all boys can thrive in everything they do.

Caroline says the entire College community will benefit under this year's broadened concept which involves curriculum programmes at each level, staff initiatives, and parent involvement.

“Wellbeing is embedded in all aspects of College life right down to our policies and strategic themes. The introduction of the Years 9-11 MINDfit curriculum will build on what started at Year 13 with MANifesto. This means wellbeing education is being taught across all 5 year groups.

“We want our boys to leave school with the emotional and interpersonal skills that enable them to look after themselves, relate well to others, and not let internal experiences prevent them from being the best versions of themselves.”

Kirsty Robinson – Counsellor

Staff Kirstry Robinson 6327 SQ

A child and family psychologist, Kirsty is passionate about the wellbeing of young people and their families. As a mother of two sons, she is very interested in supporting the positive psychological, social and physical development of boys.

Kirsty has a strong interest in positive psychology and strengths-based approaches to wellbeing. She possesses in-depth knowledge about fostering and maintaining good mental health in children and adolescents. Prior to following her passion and retraining as a psychologist at the University of Canterbury, Kirsty worked in senior policy roles within the public sector, a range of social support roles within NGOs and schools, and as a silversmith. She joins the Centre for Wellbeing & Positive Education from her role as a psychologist in Learning Support at the Ministry of Education.

Riki Clark – Counsellor

Staff Riki Clark 6338 SQ

Originally from Auckland, Riki has spent most of his life in Christchurch, developing a wide range of competencies – from a counsellor to a performing arts practitioner and a personal trainer to a netball player and coach.

He loves sport and has played touch and netball throughout his life, is passionate about performing arts, and has taught independently in Christchurch dance schools. Riki balances his professional career with these interests and by spending time with his partner and whānau. He comes to College from a role as a specialist clinician at the Stop Children's Service. Riki has spent the last seven years working in the areas of trauma and sexual abuse and approaches therapy from a trauma-informed perspective.

He embraces change and welcomes the opportunity to support a bicultural lens within the school.