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Condell's House

Welcome from Head of Condell's House

CD12 S.Idie.C 38262 4687Condell’s House exemplifies the value of the College House system. We, the boys, collectively as a House, are encouraged to employ our talents and interests in the various cultural and sporting events against other Houses. It is these activities in which we are able to grow not only our bond and camaraderie as a House, but also develop both our school values and our own. In 2019, Condell's will see this camaraderie between alternate year groups prosper through an emphasised mutual respect and engagement through year groups. By spending a lot of our time in the House outside of class and also being located across the road from campus, we become naturally exposed to independence, the most essential aspect of growing up.

Sam Idiens
Head of House 2021

House Staff

Staff Alex Robertson 0267 SQ
Alexandra Robertson


CD12 S.Idie.C 38262 4687
Sam Idiens

Head of House

Staff Olivia Austin 1339 SQ
Olivia Austin

Deputy Housemaster/Mentor

Staff Kirsty Howatson 0240 SQ
Kirsty Howatson


Staff Sam Leary 6347 SQ
Sam Leary


Staff Samantha Squire 1423 SQ
Samantha Squire


Staff Jennifer Wong 0389 SQ
Jennifer Wong


Staff Teryl Yogeeswaran 1559 SQ
Teryl Yogeeswaran


History of Condell's House

Condell’s House began in the building which is now known as Selwyn. This building began as a Master’s House. Designed by Thomas Cane (the same architect who designed the Lyttelton Time Ball Station) and built by Isaac Luck (one time partner of Benjamin Mountfort), it was completed in 1879. Thomas De Renzy Condell who had been a Master since 1867 and pupil number 123 (1860-67) was appointed the first Housemaster. He had about twenty boarders until 1893, when it reverted back to being a Master’s House alone.

In 1918 it became “Jenkins House” and until 1935 when it became a dayboy waiting House, it was alternately a Master’s and a Boarding House. In 1940 it resumed the name “ Condell’s” and it remained that way until 1960, when Corfe House was also accommodated within the building.

The Condell's House tie shows the two facing angels which were part of the original College Seal, with an outline that reflects the shape of the House windows.

In 2002 Condell's House moved across Rolleston Avenue to the new Dayboy Houses in Gloucester Street. The original building was renamed Selwyn after George Augustus Selwyn, the First Warden of Christ’s College and the only Anglican Bishop of the whole of New Zealand.

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