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Welcome from Head of School House

SC12 L.Elwo.S 40494 4397Being a part of a House, where generations before you once lived, is one of the greatest parts of this school. And, for some boys, it is even greater being the first generation. You come into the House not knowing that in the five years ahead you will have made mates for life and have endless memories.

Louis Elworthy
Head of House 2021

House Staff

Arthur Wood 2018 reused
Arthur Wood


SC12 L.Elwo.S 40494 4397
Louis Elworthy

Head of House

Henry Smith 2019
Henry Smith

Deputy Housemaster/Mentor

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Sharon Cryer
Sharon Cryer


Staff Callum Bell 0237 SQ
Callum Bell


Staff Kate Morris 0229 SQ
Kate Morris


Staff Nick Sutcliffe 0588 SQ
Nick Sutcliffe


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History of School House

School House was designed by C J Mountfort and J J Collins, both Old Boys of the College. The foundation stone was laid in February 1908 by the Governor-General, Lord Plunket and was ready for occupation in 1909.

The Christ’s College Register of April 1909 describes it as follows: “The interior is spacious, with broad passages, a large common room and a dining room; the walls are of faced bricks, and, therefore unpapered”. It was refurbished in 2002 and the concrete block addition at the rear of the building was constructed at this time.

The name appears to have come from the tradition of English Public Schools to call the house in which the Headmaster, who was also Housemaster, lived, “School House”. Charles Hudson Moreland, 6th Headmaster of Christ’s College, was School House’s first Housemaster.

The four shells (escallops) which can be seen on the House Tie come from the College Crest. They are heraldic symbols used by the Crusaders and represent those who came in the First Four Ships in 1850. The motto, “Pilgrims Still” was one of those considered for the College Motto.

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