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Rolleston House

Welcome from Head of Rolleston House

RO12 G.Gear.Ro 35547 4464 editThe home of the mighty maroons, Rolleston House has a unique and positive culture. The senior boys set the tone under the guidance of our Housemaster, Mr Neil Nicholson, who is always approachable and creates a welcoming environment. The House is a haven to hang out with friends and have a game of basketball. Our academic, sporting and cultural achievements can be attributed to the participation of all. Teamwork is integral to our success.

George Geary
Head of House 2021

House Staff

Staff Briar Wait 0234 SQ
Dr Briar Wait


RO12 G.Gear.Ro 35547 4464 edit
George Gearry

Head of House

Staff Carey Prebble 0394 SQ
Carey Prebble

Deputy Housemaster/Mentor

Staff Tamara Lerios 3664 SQ
Tamara Lerios


Staff Warren Lidstone 1434 SQ
Warren Lidstone


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Staff Eloise Nevin 1173 SQ
Eloise Nevin


Staff Graeme Swanson 2095 SQ
Dr Graeme Swanson


History of Rolleston House

An increase in the College roll resulted in the addition of another House. Purchased in 1975 from the University of Canterbury, it was initially converted into classrooms and the Clothing Pool and then in 1983, with some more renovations, it began a new life as a dayboy House.

The name Rolleston House was originally given to it when it was Number 4 Hostel for Canterbury College (the predecessor of the University of Canterbury). It was most appropriate that this continuation of name should occur when it was acquired by Christ’s College. Not only is it situated on the Rolleston Avenue corner but also William Rolleston, sometime Superintendent of Canterbury and Member of the House of Representatives, was at times an examiner of the sixth form in Latin and Greek, and a Fellow of Christ’s College from 1860–1903.

Rolleston House adopted the crest of the Rolleston Family Coat of Arms as its symbol.

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