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Richards House

Welcome from Head of Richards House

RI12 N.McKe.R 38433 4531Richards House brings out the best in every boy. We learn to give our all in everything we do, even in things that are not in our comfort zone. In our eyes, success is giving your best and not having any regrets. Five years in Richards will build lifelong friendships, and each boy will leave as a successful and confident young man.

Nathan McKenzie
Head of House 2021

House Staff

Staff Kevin Harris 1246 SQ
Kevin Harris


RI12 N.McKe.R 38433 4531
Nathan McKenzie

Head of House

Staff Scott Franklin 0332 SQ
Scott Franklin

Deputy Housemaster/Mentor

Jan Kelleher2
Jan Kelleher


Staff Lesley Anderson McKenna 0881 SQ
Lesley Anderson-McKenna


Staff David Newton 0397 SQ
David Newton


Staff Victor Sue Tang 3644 SQ
Victor Sue-Tang


History of Richards House

The decision to build Richards House in 1953 was a reluctant one, for the Board of Governors was worried that, should there be another depression, there would not be enough boarders to fill it. The architect, Heathcote Helmore, was asked to draw up alternative plans, with either two and three floors. The choice of the former was made and by mid-1956 it was ready for occupation.

1998-99 saw the addition of the third floor, to the specifications of Sir Miles Warren and further alterations during 2000 saw the addition of the Old Boys’ Theatre between the House and the Quadrangle.

The House was named after Reginald James Richards, twelfth Headmaster of Christ’s College. Richards had come to College in 1906 as a 13 year old Entrance scholar and left in 1912 having been Head Prefect for two years. In his final year at College he won both a University National Scholarship and the Ormsby medal.

The Richards House symbol is the lion rampant.

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