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Jacobs House

Welcome from Head of Jacobs House

J.Glas.Ja 35217Jacobs House is one of the most welcoming communities at College. We build each other up, and support one another. Our motto Non Sibi – which means "not for oneself" – is a reflection of the selflessness of every individual in the House. While we do recognise individual excellence, we also know that our strength as a House lies in teamwork. I believe it is through this sense of comradeship that everyone in Jacobs will have the right attitude for success.

Jack Glass
Head of House 2019

History of Jacobs House

Jacobs House was originally designed by Cecil Wood as part of larger reorganisation for the development of the Quad. Only this building came to fruition as planned. It was opened in 1931 with fifty boys drawn from four other houses, plus some new boys.

The House is named after College’s first Headmaster, Henry Jacobs, who arrived in New Zealand as a Canterbury Association chaplain on board the Sir George Seymour. The House is on the site of the first Headmaster’s house.

Within the House Library is a stone fireplace, in memory of Guy Spencer Bryan-Brown, Chaplain of Christ’s College who was killed in the First World War.

The House was refurbished in 2003 and the concrete block addition at the rear of the House was constructed at this time.

The Jacobs House symbol is a red or Tudor rose and can be seen on the College Crest. It is also part of the Arms of Christ Church Oxford, where John Robert Godley and many of the founders of Canterbury had attended University. The motto Non Sibi translates as “Not for one’s self”.

House Staff

Matt Thatcher 2020
Matt Thatcher


J.Glas.Ja 35217
Jack Glass

Head of House

Caroline Marsh 2019 1
Caroline Black

Deputy Housemaster

William Bell 2019
William Bell

Assistant Housemaster

Robyn Peers 2019
Robyn Peers

Assistant Housemaster

Chris Sellars 2019 1
Chris Sellars

Assistant Housemaster

Elaine Tang 2019
Elaine Tang

Assistant Housemaster

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