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Throughout the year Christ's College boys compete in one-off events held around Christchurch and further afield.

This is NOT an official sport with boys who compete coming from athletics, swimming, cycling or team sports.

Regular events include CSS triathlon and CSS duathlon. Boys can also compete in NZSS triathlon and other multisport events in the calendar.

Master-in-Charge: Rob Clarke –

Recent Success

  • NZSS Triathlon - 3 national titles - O Aitken (U14 ind), AItken & H Hiatt (U14 mixed relay), A Aitken (U16 mixed relay)
  • NZSS Triathlon – Art Aitken claimed silver in the U14 grade
  • NZSS Duathlon – Art Aitken winner of the U14 grade
  • CSS Triathlon – U16 title for Kyle Houston, Seb Fergusson 3rd in U19
  • NZSS Triathlon – Sam Idiens and Kyle Houston – 2 silver in U19 mixed team tag relay and T1 T2 transition relay
  • CSS Triathlon – U14 title for Sam Idiens and U16 title for Kyle Houston
  • NZSS Triathlon – Sam Idiens placed 2nd in the U14 triathlon
  • NZSS Triathlon – U16 gold in team tag relay (Sam and Kyle and two girls from CGHS)
  • CSS Duathlon – U16 individual gold for Kyle Houston
  • CSS Triathlon – U14 silver medal
  • SISS Triathlon – 3rd place in junior section
  • NZSS Triathlon – U13 gold in triathlon and aquathon
  • NZSS Triathlon – U14 silver in triathlon and bronze in aquathon
  • CSS Duathlon – U14 individual gold, silver in U19 team event

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