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College Co-curricular options and opportunities

We want our boys to excel beyond the classroom by nurturing their potential and supporting their avenues of discovery to find new passions through myriad cultural, musical, sporting and communal opportunities.

By immersing themselves in our extensive co-curricular activities, our students can naturally flourish – culturally, physically and socially.

In tandem with our academic framework, we encourage inquiry and self-reliance through our co-curricular programme to help ensure each boy achieves his best at College and carries those traits into everyday life on leaving school. Whether a boy has a love of sport, a passion for drama, a joy found through music, a commitment to making the world a better place to live, a desire to debate or an eagerness for adventure, the College co-curricular programmes provides a path.

Each activity also underpins our character strengths of bravery, hope, honesty, zest, creativity, curiosity, perseverance, love of learning, humour, teamwork, fairness, leadership, love, kindness, social intelligence, forgiveness, humility, prudence, self-regulation, spirituality, gratitude, appreciation of beauty and excellence, judgement and perspective. 

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