Each boy is representing himself, College and his family. Sportsmanship must be shown at all times, both on and off the field. Foul or dangerous play, retaliation, swearing or aggressive language, arguing with referees/officials, or reacting to spectators are not tolerated. Below are the guidelines for both spectators and players.

College Guidelines for Players

  1. Players are expected to be modest in success and dignified in defeat. This implies acknowledgement, willingly and openly, of good play by either school or team.
  2. Players should be wholehearted in their approach to games and should adhere strictly both to the letter and the spirit of the rules and laws. The referee's or umpire's decision is final, and the team captain is the only player who may ask for clarification of a decision.
  3. Players should never resort to unseemly or abusive language.
  4. Players should be punctual and well turned out. The home team and, in particular, the captain, should welcome the visiting team. At the end of the game, compliments should be exchanged and referees, umpires and other officials (scorers, touch judges etc.) should be thanked.

College Guidelines for Spectators

  1. Barracking should be enthusiastic, not designed to heckle, denigrate or unsettle opponents. For example, barracking during a kick at goal, or sledging in cricket, is not acceptable. Barracking should be for the school only. Booing and whistling is unacceptable.
  2. Good play by either team should be recognised by applause.
  3. It is never right to express disapproval of a referee's or umpire's decision, be it from an adult or schoolboy referee.
  4. Vocal support for any team should never encourage violence, rough, or illegal play.
  5. Coaching by spectators from the sideline and encroaching on the field of play are not allowed.
  6. Spectators must remember that games at school level are organised for the benefit of the boys concerned, not for adults.
  7. Visitors to grounds should co-operate fully with any regulations or requests made by the home school concerning car parking, entry to grounds, seating, dressing rooms and the placing of spectators. Visitors should always leave the area tidy and free of rubbish when they leave.
  8. Alcohol and alcohol consumption is forbidden at all school games.