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Flower's House

Welcome from Head of Flower's House

FL12 S.Hadl.F 3155 5590 editFlower's is unique in its own right. Although the House is new, tradition and history still runs deep. Being the only boarding House outside the school gates brings different responsibilities, as well as a break from the busy school grounds. The House feels like a home with friends around you constantly, as well as a quiet space for yourself. Flower’s has boys from all over the world, as well as local boarders. There is never a dull moment, with boys and staff always having a story to tell. In Flower's we strive to give everything a go, giving 100% to every task put in front of us. I am lucky to have a strong senior year group backing me this year and I look forward to the year to come.

Fiat Floreat.

Sam Hadley
Head of House 2021

House Staff

Staff Man4
Lionel Randall


FL12 S.Hadl.F 3155 5590 edit
Sam Hadley

Head of House

Staff Monique Ellis Martin 1168 SQ
Monique Ellis-Martin

Deputy Housemaster/Mentor

Karen Adams
Karen Adams


Staff Gillian Kilpatrick 0807 SQ
Gill Kilpatrick


Staff Zac Knight 0425 SQ
Zac Knight


Staff Neil Nicolson 0830 SQ
Neil Nicholson


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