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Corfe House

Welcome from Head of Corfe House

Head Prefect Harry ZarifehCorfe House is a place where all boys are encouraged to get involved and embrace the opportunities and challenges of everyday College life. The environment is inclusive and supportive, and we aim to have fun whilst supporting each other. There is interaction between the year groups and all new boys settle into Corfe seamlessly. In recent years Corfe House has had great success in interhouse competitions and individual boys have achieved well, academically, culturally and in sporting endeavours. Our ethos is that you give everything your best shot and make the most of your time in the House.

Reme Bene.

Harry Zarifeh
Head of House 2018

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House Staff

8777 Ian Stevenson
Ian Stevenson


Head Prefect Harry Zarifeh 1
Harry Zarifeh

Head of House

8705 Peter Hewson
Peter Hewson

Assistant Housemaster

34578 Andrew Levenger
Andrew Levenger

Assistant Housemaster

Alexandra Robertson 2018
Alexandra Robertson

Assistant Housemaster

Sam Stevenson 2018
Samantha Stevenson

Assistant Housemaster

35084 Briar Wait
Dr Briar Wait

Assistant Housemaster

Corfe House Gallery

History of Corfe House

The current Corfe House began in the building which is now known as Selwyn. That building was originally a Master’s house, then it accommodated Condell’s House, and with the increase in dayboy numbers in the 1960s, the residential part of the House became the fourth dayboy House, Corfe, and upstairs was turned into a biology laboratory and a classroom.

The name Corfe had earlier been associated with a House within the College. In the 1870s those boys who had boarded with the Headmaster, Charles Carteret Corfe, had, in the tradition of the time, taken on the name of their Housemaster.

Corfe House has taken the tui or parson bird’s head as its symbol. This forms the crest of the College Arms, and the white tuft with almost black plumage reflects College’s colours — black and white. In 2002 Corfe moved across Rolleston Avenue to the new dayboy Houses in Gloucester Street. The building in which it was once housed was re-named Selwyn after George Augustus Selwyn, the First Warden of Christ’s College and the only Anglican Bishop of the whole of New Zealand.

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