As well as academic support within each house, and access to full cultural and sports programmes, all our boarders participate in our weekend boarding programme which offers a variety of activities, at no extra cost.

The programme offers boys the chance to try things that they may not ordinarily do. They are involving themselves in things which can be a tremendous asset to them later on. All Year 10 boarders work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, with several continuing on to complete Silver and Gold in their senior years.

The boarding programme includes a Year 11 Leadership Challenge and a Year 12 Leadership Day.

“These are now part of the fabric of boarding," Assistant Principal – Boarding Ben Vink explains. "What the boys are taking from these activities are the non-tangibles which make boarding at College such a unique experience. We are developing leadership across the board. In Year 11 it is about working as a team towards a cause, and in Year 12, it is about taking some time for reflection on leadership qualities as an individual."

Another advantage of the boarding experience at Christ’s College, Ben believes, is that the boarders – through the routines of the House, and the opportunities that the boarding programme offers – become more independent at an earlier age.

We have three boarding houses. Each boarding House pulls together a range of expertise and perspectives including the Housemaster, Deputy Housemaster, Matron, mentors, live-in tutors, academic tutors and domestic staff.