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School TV

Welcome to SchoolTV, our wellbeing platform.

As part of our commitment to student wellbeing, College has subscribed to School TV, an online resource providing access to a wide range of information on many different issues.

Although produced in Australia, the issues raised and resources available on SchoolTV are of universal interest. It is ideal for parents and young people who are looking for clear, relevant and fact-based information about health and wellbeing.

SchoolTV is the brainchild of renowned child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. It brings together interviews with leading specialists, articles, fact sheets and videos, and provides links to resources, books, apps and websites relating to the featured topic.

Please note, when SchoolTV refers to Year 12 students, it is referring to students in their final year of secondary school, equivalent to our Year 13.

This month, SchoolTV @ College turns the spotlight on Transition to High School

Raising Boys

Wellbeing Check List

Riding the Corona Coaster

Happiness & Gratitude

Coronavirus – The transition back

Coronavirus – A guide for parents

Preparing for Homeschooling


School Transitions

Exam Jitters


E-cigarettes and Vaping


Parenting Styles


Grief & Loss

Christchurch attacks

Online Pornography

Smartphones in schools

Exam Jitters

Suicide & Self Harm

Physical Activity & Exercise


13 Reasons Why - A Special Report

Social media and digital reputation

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg Slides

How technology can help student (and parent) wellbeing

Student Wellbeing Conference

Staff wellbeing discussion

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