Connected, positive and real

26 Jul 2019

Over the last several decades, the evolution and exponential growth of technology has had a huge impact on our lives. And although there are many downsides to our increasing reliance on technology, it also has the potential to transform lives for the better.

Renowned child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg was recently on campus sharing with staff, our community and students his ideas about how to harness technology for good. Speaking to staff and at a parent education evening on Monday 22 July and a keynote speaker at the inaugural Year 11 Student Wellbeing conference on Tuesday 23 July, Michael focused on the potential technology has to build and enhance wellbeing.

He didn’t shy away from the negatives, clearly stating excess screen time is not good for psychological development and that we’ve got to wean ourselves off our technological addiction, but also saying we should, “Beware the technology moral panic.”

Michael went on to talk about the positives, recommending apps, websites, books and biometric devices that can assist in managing wellbeing. Covering everything from how to change negative thought patterns, to exploring mindfulness, positive psychology, the importance of exercise, developing a sense of purpose and gratitude, getting enough sleep and good nutrition, and offering tips to help everyone live better, more meaningful, more positively connected, lives.

“There are so many upsides to technology: instant communication, maps, online shopping, Facetime, the sum total of human knowledge contained in a device the size of a phone, entertainment, and a wide range of outstanding educational tools. It has so much to offer.

“I’d like everyone to make use of some of the excellent resources available and wallow in wellbeing, because it’s much easier to build resilient, strong young people than it is for me to repair broken ones.”

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