Christ’s College follows the national qualifications framework (NCEA) and our students consistently outperform boys from other decile 8–10 schools, with results well above national averages. A high proportion of boys gain Merit or Excellence endorsements. An overview of 2020 results is shown below.

To further extend and challenge boys beyond Level 3 NCEA, many students also choose to sit NZ Scholarship examinations. Results are always impressive.

Every year, several boys are also awarded prestigious university scholarships. More than 90% of graduating students pursue tertiary education, either in New Zealand or overseas.

2020 NCEA Results

Excellence endorsements for Christ's College students compared with national standards and all decile 10 boys' schools.

Excellence Endorsement (%)Level 1Level 2Level 3
Christ's College38.437.728.2
All decile 10 boys' schools2928.420.8

The NCEA curriculum is internationally recognised and boys who wish to attend university, whether in New Zealand or overseas, are well prepared for the challenges. Each year, boys from Christ's College successfully gain admission to world-ranked universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Stanford.

NZQA Scholarship 2020

Congratulations to those students who achieved outstanding results in the NZQA Scholarship examinations in 2020. College was rewarded with 49 scholarships in all.

Student Scholarship
John Paul-Lay English (Outstanding), Chemistry (Outstanding) (Top Scholar), Physics, Statistics, Calculus, Media Studies (Outstanding), History, Classical Studies
Matthew Gibb English, Chemistry (Outstanding), Physics, Statistics, Calculus, History, Health and Physical Education (Outstanding)
Henry Eglinton English (Outstanding), Biology, Chemistry, Statistics (Outstanding)
Dominic Edmond English, Biology, Drama
Callum Hackston English, Geography
Thomas Jones English, Physical Education & Health
Andrew Kwak Biology, Chemistry
Charles Owens English (Outstanding), History
Jamie Yee English, Drama
Fletcher Anderson Drama
Robert Baird Biology
Qiushi Chen Technology
Charles Chubb English
George Coats Biology
Isaac Heap English
Eden Pidgeon Biology
Daniel Qi Economics
William Simcock English
George Simpson English
Claude Tellick Geography
Thomas Tothill Chemistry
Angad Vraich Biology
John Wong Painting
Futian Zhou Technology