Our Donors

Every student who has ever walked through the College gates has benefited from the giving of others. We are grateful to all our donors for their support and generosity. See below for gift announcements and a full list of donors.

A special thank you to all donors who have given and pledged to give to the For the boys. For our future. campaign, which is now known as Upper West.

Donor Recognition


William & Mary Adams, Bruce Alexander, Michael & Megan Allen, Rob & Sue Allison, John Armstrong, Lanie Astley, Jonathan & Anabelle Austin, Colin & Valerie Averill, Mark & Jules Averill, Stefanie Backhouse, Anthony Ballantyne, Peter & Claire Ballantyne, Derek & Juliet Banks, Andrew & Angela Barclay, David & Phillipa Barker, Richard & Wendy Batchelor, Roger & Nichola Baxter, David S Belcher, Paul & Louisa Belcher, Edward Bennetto, John Botha, Robert & Oxana Brooks, Alec Bruce, Preston & Sachiko Bulfin, Jeremy Burdon, Trevor Burt, Nicola Bush, Mike Caird, Kim D Campbell, Bruce Carey, Mike & Angela Chaffey, Colin & Marina Chin, DPM & PA Christie, John Clayton, Johnny & Sue Cochrane, Commodore Airport Hotel Ltd, John Connelly & Regina Shin, Hugh Cooke, David Coop, Peter & Andrea Coop, Andrew Couper, Helen Cranfield, Malcolm & Cherry Crawshay, Paul & Elisa Currie, Colin & Leanne Cutler, Adrienne Curtis


Peter Dallas & Marilyn Wilkinson, Damasc Family, Ben & Sarah Davidson, Rob & Jocelyn Davidson, Davis Family Trust, Colin & Ann de Lambert, Michael Deans, Mary Devine, Ian Donald, Rob Donaldson & Shelley Louw, William Geoffrey Dowland, John & Rosemary Dunlop, Graham & Meagan Duston, Tom & Victoria Elworthy, Robert Fairbairn, Scott Fairclough, Sarah & Andrew Fergusson, Gerald & Susie Fitzgerald, Patrick & Wendy Fitzgerald, Ric Fletcher, Tom & Anna Fraser, Gordon & Wendy Fulton


Garth & Lisa Gallaway, Russell & Felicity Garland, Stephen Gilbert, Peter Glausiuss, Chris Graham & Shahryn Morse, Juliet & Hamish Gray, Marcel Gray, Rick & Diane Greenslade, Alastair & Anna Grigg, David & Jo Grigg, Peter & Andrea Hadden, Jeremy Hall, Andrew Hamer, Byron Harris, Peter & Penny Harty, Iain & Anne Harvey, Yayoi & Koei Hashimoto, Desmond Helmore, Marcus Helmore, Scott & Lynne Heywood, Mark Hindmarsh, Nicky Hobbs, John & Annabel Holland, Henry Holmes, Horizon Images, Bill & Mrrietta Horncastle, Michael Horton, Angela Howard, Derek Howarth, Bill & Riette Jenkins, Jeremy Johnson, Robert Johnston, Cassells Kernahan, David Kerr, Bill Kingston, Terry & Sandra Knight


John Laidlaw, John Lange, Law Family Trust, James Lill & Justine Edwards-Lill, Lindo Family, Sandy Lochhead, John & Virinia Luhrs, Andrew Lyttle, Mike Macfarlane, Don Mackenzie, John & Sue Macphee, Catherine & Steve McArthur, Rachel & Robert McCarthy, Grant McCrostie, Alistair McElwee, Jason McKenzie, Catherine McMillan, John Midgley, Tony Mounce & Philippa McCabe, David Murchison, Justine Nicholl & Tim Wells, Richard Norman, Michael O'Brien, Mayme Oliver, Michael Ormsby


John Packer, Alan & Jo Palmer, Jon Parson, Neville Perkins, Jenny Pinney, Nicholas Piper, Utiku Potaka, Dean and Phillippa Pye, Gayle Quigley, Richard & Anna Raymond, John Riley, Ronald Rivers, Mike & Ros Robertson, Sam Robinson, Mary & Charles Ross, Michael Scales, Graham Scott, Peter Scott & Lisa Hill-Scott, Geoffrey & Graeme Sharp, Jeremy Sharr & Shelley Haworth, Peter & Robin Sheppard, Henry Sim, Mark & Helen Smith, Steve Smith & Annabel Sheppard, Vaughan Smith, David Speight, Jeremy & Jane Stace, Jeff Staniland, Ian & Tanya Stevenson, David & Hilary Stock, Richard Stock, Brian & Bea Stokes, Terence Story, David Strack


Alisa & Nick Tacon, Nancy Tapper, Seagry Teagle, Somerford Teagle, Chris & Anna Thomson, Richard Thomson, Wayne Tomlinson, Benjamin Tothill, Compton Tothill, Thomas Tothill, Tom Tothill, Dr Ian Town & Dr Helen Lunt, Bryan Treleaven, Alexander Trempus, Catherine & Alistair Turnbull, William Utley & John Utley, John Vaughan, Andrew Vincent & Leeanne O'Sullivan, Andrew Ward & Ann Skelton, David Wagner, Derick Watson, Dr Shailer Weston, John Whitehead, Robert Wightman & William Wightman, Bill Willis & Steph Grieve, Barry Wilson, Roger LK Wilson, Garth & Annie Wynne, Howie Yee & Karen Wiese, Young Family, Guo Feng Zhang & Yumei Li

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