10 Sep 2019

Old Boy Bruce Carey (4841), aged 92, has kindly made provision in his will for Christ’s College – through making a bequest.

We invited Bruce to College to acknowledge his special bequest and to become a member of the Sewell Society.

The Sewell Society provides the school with an opportunity to express its gratitude for the loyalty and commitment of our key supporters and the essential role they play in the ongoing development of Christ’s College. It was founded in 2013 to recognise donors who set an example to the Christ’s College community through their leadership and philanthropic generosity.

Membership of the Sewell Society is open to people who notify College, through their lawyer or in writing, of their intention to leave a legacy to the school. Notification of the size of the bequest, while not compulsory, will assist College in acknowledging the donor in the appropriate manner.

Benefits of membership include recognition as a member of the Sewell Society and a special relationship with College. It also includes invitations to Sewell Society functions and special invitations to other College events.

Bruce recently attended the CCOBA 80 Years On reunion. He was joined by four others who started their College journey in 1939, Cassells Kernahan (4868), Graham Lawn (4872), Tony Lawrence (4873) and Neville Perkins (4892).

80 Years On Reunion 2019

If you'd like to discuss these opportunities further please contact:

Staff Charlotte Ensor 6482 SQ
Charlotte Ensor

Executive Assistant – Academic Management