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Campaign Update

What a year it has been! When we shared the news with you in February that our Upper West development project had been given the green light, we could never have anticipated the significant impact Covid-19 would have on planning for this much-needed new facility.

Now, I am delighted to report that after careful consideration the Board of Governors has reconfirmed its commitment to this project and given the architectural team from Architectus New Zealand the go ahead to create detailed working drawings from the conceptual plans – which is a very exciting step on the way to making this vision reality.

The major elements of Upper West include a multi-functional sports hall, the size of two full-sized basketball courts, as well as an erg room, which doubles as a multi-purpose space, and strength and conditioning facilities, plus changing rooms, teaching spaces, offices and equipment storage. Modern technology infrastructure will also enable elite coaching and associated sport science analysis to support our boys’ development in both their sport and physical education studies.

We are so grateful that you understood the need for this new facility and made such a generous contribution to the For the boys. For our future. campaign. All money raised in that campaign has been earmarked for the development of Upper West, and we appreciate your forbearance and ongoing support. It is good to know you are as determined as we are to see this project succeed. We look forward to sharing more progress reports in due course.


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