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Campaign Update

In 2016 we started an ambitious capital raising campaign to help fund the development of new facilities and educational initiatives at College.

We had a bold vision and a bold plan, which reflects our overarching aim to be a leader in boys’ education and prepare our boys to thrive in life beyond school. It was for the boys and for our future. 

Our Development team worked tirelessly, reaching out to the entire College community, to share our vision and build support – and we would like to thank them for their determined efforts to see the For the boys. For our future. campaign succeed. 

The campaign aimed to raise $7.5 million towards the cost of building our new multi-purpose Sporting Excellence, Health & Wellbeing Centre on the corner of Montreal and Gloucester streets.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of everyone involved and with the support of some amazing donors, we did not achieve our goal. At the close of the campaign on Friday 28 June, we had managed to raise $3.1 million – and we are very grateful to, and appreciate the generosity of, all those people who gave us their support.

So, where to from here?

College is an excellent teaching, learning and working environment. We are blessed to have passionate, professional and dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students and a caring community – however, some of our facilities sorely need to be upgraded, and in every aspect of College life we can always seek to do better.

We knew it was an ambitious plan, but now – to use an appropriate aphorism – we have to cut our coat according to our cloth. In the next few months, the Board of Governors will review the campaign, begin to focus on other options and make a decision as to how to proceed. We do not want to speculate on what the Board’s decision might be and what the revised plan for the development of College facilities will be, but we will let you know as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

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