Year 10 Immerse & Inspire – a four-week residential programme for Year 10 students

Throughout its long history, boarding has been at the heart of the Christ’s College experience. Immerse & Inspire enables all Year 10 boys to live as boarders and participate in a range of carefully planned activities designed to focus on aspects of character, leadership and personal development.

The intent of Immerse & Inspire is to:

  • Guide boys to a better understanding of themselves and their unique strengths and character at a pivotal time in their personal development
  • Introduce concepts of character and leadership in a meaningful way, as they relate to life and to the College experience
  • Allow for a service learning experience focused on teamwork and community need, where boys will learn the power of giving
  • Allow for a unique learning experience focused on social entrepreneurship, which is led by Christchurch’s Ministry of Awesome
  • Allow for an adventure experience to teach boys to be safe in, and appreciate, the great outdoors
  • Allow all boys to experience the fun of boarding and learning to live with others as a key part of their College experience
  • Allow new friendships to form across College and between Houses

The Immerse & Inspire residential component includes a four-week residential programme, with three weeks at school and one week staying at the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre in order to complete the requirements for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award Adventurous Journey. During the three weeks the boys live as boarders in Jacobs House, they attend classes as usual and remain part of their own House during the school day. While boarding, the boys will be expected to do their share of House chores, and will be expected to take part in the boarding programme and community service activities at the weekend.

The Immerse & Inspire programme also involves two three-day incursions at the end of Terms 2 and 3, respectively. One of these will be at the Ministry of Awesome, completing Lab5 Supercharged. Lab5 Supercharged is a three-day workshop focused on global challenges, which helps the boys develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills, and an understanding of social entrepreneurship. The other incursion is College-based and involves sessions on biculturalism, careers, wellbeing, study skills and planning and leadership.

For more information, contact:

Staff Ben Vink 8793 2222 SQ
Ben Vink

Deputy Principal – Student Care