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Centre for Ethics & Spirituality

The aim of the Centre for Ethics & Spirituality is to spark a conversation, get us thinking and talking about some of the big questions in life — including contemporary moral issues, beliefs, values and spirituality — as we navigate an increasingly complex world.

Our guest speakers introduce a wide range of topics, designed to promote critical and creative thinking and enhance cultural understanding and engagement. It is a forum for students, teachers, parents and the wider community. We invite you to join the discussion.

Upcoming Events

Rev. Thomas C Brauer

When Good Pictures Go Bad: Public perceptions of private suffering – presented by Rev. Thomas C Brauer, Vicar of the Anglican Parish of Sumner – Redcliffs

Thursday 30 August, 7.30pm, the Chapman Room

From the American and Spanish civil wars, through the great depression, right up to the conflicts and disasters of today, photography has played a significant role in portraying the violence, suffering and trauma of people’s lives. But many question the ethics of this action. Does photography of suffering help grow compassion, or create compassion fatigue? Does photography of violence educate and inform, or perpetuate conflict and pain?

In this presentation, Rev. Brauer will look at how photography and digital media is used to document our lives. The discussion will consider the ethics of taking photographs of people at their most vulnerable and sharing the images with a global audience. (Warning: Some images may be confronting.)

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