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Centre for Ethics & Spirituality

The aim of the Centre for Ethics & Spirituality is to spark a conversation, get us thinking and talking about some of the big questions in life — including contemporary moral issues, beliefs, values and spirituality — as we navigate an increasingly complex world.

Our guest speakers introduce a wide range of topics, designed to promote critical and creative thinking and enhance cultural understanding and engagement. It is a forum for students, teachers, parents and the wider community. We invite you to join the discussion.

Upcoming Events

Centre for ethics EleanorCapper

Laudato Si - The imperative to care for the environment - Presented by Sr Eleanor Capper

Thursday 8 June, 7.30pm, The Chapman Room

Laudato Si presents a Christian response and challenge in relation to ecology, climate change and care for the environment. Pope Francis subtitles this document "On Care for our Common Home". It is a worldwide wake up call to help humanity understand the destruction that we are rendering to the environment.

Sr Eleanor has wide experience from being a principal to currently resourcing Education for Parish Leadership and Service in the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. Her presentation on this important topic has been received with acclaim throughout our region.

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