College excels in Scholarship exams

10 Feb 2022

Twenty-six College boys have received a total of 54 NZQA Scholarships across 16 different subjects – a record success for recent times.

Of the 54 Scholarships awarded, five are at Outstanding level, going to Henry Briscoe, George Gearry, James Currie, Janindu Pahalawatta, and Claude Tellick. Eight boys received three or more Scholarships, entitling them to $2000 for each of three years of study. Janindu Pahalawatta topped the league with six Scholarships, entitling him to $15,000 over the next three years.

College boys won a record ten Scholarships for Biology, record eight for Chemistry and seven for English.

The total of 54 winners includes five Year 12 students, which bodes well for their final year of study this year.

Assistant Principal – Curriculum Nicole Billante says the results are exemplary and a credit to the boys who worked so diligently throughout the disruption of Covid-19.

“They were studying in extraordinary times, and their success is fantastic both for them and all those who helped them.”

Click here to see the full list of the Boys and their wonderful achievements.