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Assembly Notes – 28 June

27 Jun 2018


Head Prefect asks the school to stand. Greets the school. Asks for silence as he says a prayer.

Musical Item

The Subs will perform an original composition

Student Speakers

Sam Howard – speaking about service opportunities at Christ’s College

Good Morning Boys and Staff,

I would like you to lend me your imagination for a moment. Picture, a family of five: four children and a single mother. The children come home from a long, hard day at school to find that there is no food for them to eat. Their mother simply cannot support feeding her family on a single household income. However, there is something that we can do to help. The Christchurch City Mission is an organisation with many different goals, but their food drive division believes that it is a basic human right that everyone is able to receive quality nutritious food that builds you up rather than just fills you up. Their mission is to provide those who are less fortunate than ourselves with this basic human right – and they need your help. This July holidays the City Mission is having their annual food bank appeal. This is a massive task, that delivered 26,000 food parcels to people in need in 2017. The City Mission is asking people to donate their time these holidays to help with the organisation, preparation, and delivery of these goods. This is an incredible service opportunity, that will not only benefit those in need, but your own character and resume. The only condition is that boys volunteering must be at least 16 years old. There will be a google doc going out on schoolbox at the start of next week with available times for you to go and help out. You will be able to organise your service around any other commitments that you may have, so get down there and make a difference. 

On another note, on Thursday the 26th of July – that is the first Thursday of Week 1 next term – Christ’s College will be hosting an inter-school fundraising charity concert. The Hope Concert will have school acts, including bands, performers, and guest speakers from all around Christchurch - including our very own Run77. The aim of the event is to raise awareness and funds for the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Trust. This is an issue that is incredibly relevant to us as young New Zealanders, because more than 12 people take their own lives per week in our country. All the funds from the event will go to helping those who are in need of assistance, so that we can tackle this problem together. The entry price of tickets will be $15, but be sure to bring extra cash because there will be plenty of food vendors to keep you nice and well-fed. It’s shaping up to be a great night, so keep your calendars free, and look out for a Facebook event that will be launched in the holidays with details on how to purchase your tickets.


New Zealand Association of Language Teachers – Certificates of Excellence:
George Murray (NCEA Level 2 French)
Robert Rolleston (NCEA Level 2 French)
Jonathan Stewart (NCEA Level 2 French)
Han-Young Kim (NCEA Level 2 German)
Jayavi Premaratne (NCEA Level 2 German)
Thomas Walker (NCEA Level 2 German)
Homare Nakajima (NCEA Level 2 Japanese)

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awards:
Connor Graham
Tim Ward

New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Medals:
Jasper Moss (Gold Medal – Junior Boys CP)
Dion Houston (Silver Medal - Senior Boys Regional Relay – Canterbury team)

Executive Principal’s concluding comments

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