On air with The Edge

29 Jun 2017

They put their two heads together and came up with one great promo. Becoming Edge Interns has given Year 13 students Andrew Fechney and Hugh Finlay insight into what it is like to work for a busy commercial radio station and, on Wednesday 21 June, they had time in the hot seat, recording a promotional trailer for the College and St Margaret’s production Singin’ in the Rain.

They wrote and refined the script, making sure it was exactly the right length, before going into the studio. Then, although it took a few takes, they got better and better until they had the right sound. “It seems so easy and natural when you hear something on air,” says Andrew, “But it’s harder than you’d think to achieve that result. A lot goes into making a promo.”

There are 26 Edge Interns in 2017, from schools all over Christchurch. They compete in challenges, help with promotional work, have time in the studio, listen and learn. Both Andrew and Hugh say it has been a great experience, fascinating and fun, and ideal for anyone interested in a career in broadcasting or journalism. Applications for next year’s internships will open in November or December.

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