The Association was founded by several Old Boys who met on 20 February 1877. They passed the following resolution:

“That the old College boys form themselves into an Association for general athletic purposes.”

In the early days, the activities included cricket and football matches, and annual dinners in London and Christchurch.

The first President of the Association was George Harper (84), who held office from 1877–1895. The first Secretary was Thomas Gordon (140).

In 1895, a new constitution was adopted at the Annual Meeting in Big School. The objects of the Association adopted by the meeting were:

  • To further the objects for which Christ’s College was originally founded, as set forth in the Deed of Foundation.
  • To foster and keep alive amongst past Christ’s College boys a remembrance of the School and an active interest in its welfare.
  • To promote the continuity of the School by encouraging the attendance of members of the Association:
    • at the services held in the Chapel;
    • at the annual Commemoration; and
    • at Sports Day and at football and cricket matches in which the Association is engaged.

With the passage of years, the objects of the Association were amended, and in 2007, the objects of the Association were amended again:

The objects are to further the objects for which Christ’s College (“the School”) was originally founded and to promote the interests of the School and its Old Boys in such manner as the Committee determines.