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Supporting College

Annual Appeal

Making an annual gift allows you to play an important role in the financial health of College and make a powerful statement about how much you value a College education. You can claim a 33.33% tax credit for all donations over $5 made to the Annual Appeal.

Where these gifts are unrestricted and for current use, they become powerful dollars meaning we can act quickly on new opportunities and urgent needs.

The giving year is already underway and we aim, with your help, to build on recent successes and continue to provide College students and staff with unrestricted flexible support that can be used in the most considered ways.

An Endowed gift or Bequest

You can make a lasting impact on Christ’s College boys by leaving a bequest in your will. Just as past bequests of Old Boys and friends are supporting Christ’s College students today, your bequest is an investment in the future for tomorrow’s students, the quality of their education and an effective way to help sustain Christ’s College beyond your lifetime.

College’s overall endowment — The Amalgamated Fund — provides a stable, permanent source of funds. Increasing the endowment is critical to our future and the continued excellence we offer at College. Endowed gifts allow College to preserve its inherent strengths while funding its current priorities and meeting its future goals. The endowment is not a cash reserve that College can draw upon at will. Instead, virtually all endowed funds are invested, and a portion of the earnings is released each year to support College and the purposes specified by donors. Over time, the principal grows as a result of reinvested earnings.

Donors may choose to establish endowments for student scholarships, teaching positions, academic programs, and/or other purposes such as library collections, sports team funds, or specific teaching enhancement items.

Major Gifts

Major gifts empower change and have a significant impact on the ability of the school to reach its goals. You can direct your gift towards general funds or in support of specific areas of interest to you.

Individual donations

Individuals can claim a 33.33% tax credit for all donations over $5 made to College. A tax credit reduces the amount of tax you have to pay.

Payroll giving

Donations made through Payroll Giving are eligible for tax credits of 33.33%. You do not need to claim these credits yourself – your employer will do this for you. Find out more.

The Sewell Society

The Sewell Society was founded to thank and recognise major supporters whose leadership and generosity sets an example within the Christ’s College community. This provides Christ’s College with an opportunity to express our gratitude for the loyalty and commitment of our supporters.

Corporate Sponsorship

Christ’s College welcomes the chance to work with companies to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

For Christ’s College’s current sponsors go to the sponsors page.

Should you be interested in becoming a Christ's College sponsor please contact us.

Volunteer Your Time

The active service of Old Boys, parents and friends is one of the most valuable ways to support Christ’s College. Giving your time, expertise and energy to help with fundraising campaigns and projects is the backbone of any successful endeavour.

  • Hosting gatherings for Christ’s College information evenings
  • Giving your time to serve on projects
  • Being a vocal advocate about Christ’s College by promoting enrolments and encouraging support
  • Seeking out sponsorship opportunities for College

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