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Scholarships 2020

How to apply for Year 9 Scholarships for 2020

We know parents work hard to send their boys to College and this is something we never take for granted. Approximately 20% of students at Christ’s College benefit from some sort of scholarship representing aspects of excellence and/or financial need. We believe our Scholarship Programme helps to ensure we have a diverse community that reflects life beyond the school gates.

From our foundation in 1850, all our scholarships have been made possible by the generous gifting of Old Boys, parents and friends of College. Our most prestigious academic scholarships – the Somes Exhibition Scholarships – are named after one of our most inspirational early benefactors, Maria Somes.

Students sitting the scholarship examinations need to be aware we do not give out past papers or results, as this information is used only for awarding scholarships. Both the papers and results are destroyed after scholarships have been awarded.

Applicants for Academic and General Excellence scholarships are required to sit the scholarship examinations on Thursday 23 May.

Scholarship applications must be submitted online and this will be available by mid February 2019. Applications close Friday 3 May 2019.


Year 9 Scholarships for 2020


We nurture the ambitions of some of the brightest scholars in the land, whilst taking equal pleasure in the outstanding progress made by those who benefit from our learning support programmes.

All applicants will need to sit a Maths and English exam on Thursday 23 May.


Drama, Instrumental Music and Choral Music Scholarships are available for 2020.

The co-curricular programme is an integral part of life at Christ's College. We nurture creative talent, imaginative flair and a love for the theatre arts, and have a designated Music School catering for classical, instrumental, choral, jazz, big band and rock enthusiasts.

Drama workshop auditions will be held on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May.

Music auditions will be held on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May.


Christ’s College is well known across New Zealand for its competitiveness in a broad range of sports, from traditional team sports to more recreation-based activities. Applicants for Sport Scholarships should excel in a winter and summer sport.

Interviews for successful applicants will be held on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May.

General Excellence

General Excellence scholarships are for outstanding, well-rounded boys who excel in all areas. They should already have demonstrated leadership ability and we would expect them to continue to be young leaders in our community. They must be willing to participate in all aspects of College life and make a significant contribution to the school culture.

All applicants will need to sit a Mathematics and English exam on Thursday 23 May.

Executive Principal

The Executive Principal scholarships are awarded to recipients who have significant personal attributes. They must be willing to make a proactive contribution to the school, embrace the opportunities on offer, and add to the culture of excellence and the diversity of the College community.

These scholarships are for families who are not in a position to afford a College education for their son without some financial assistance. All applicants must complete a financial declaration form.

Christ’s College Old Boys’ Association

Founded in 1877, the Old Boys' Association is an integral part of the College community.  This scholarship provides a 33% reduction of tuition fees for the duration of their College education. 

Regional Boarding

Boarding has been at the heart of Christ's College for over 160 years. It is fundamental to what we do. The boarding Houses are at the centre of the campus, just as boarders are in all aspects of College life.  All applicants must complete a financial declaration form.

We offer boarding scholarships:

  • Regional Scholarships (reflecting regional New Zealand)
  • Ex-pat Old Boys' Scholarships (available to Old Boys living overseas who wish to send their son/s back to New Zealand for a Christ’s College education)

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