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Auckland Community Visits

Everyone's welcome. Whether you’re an Old Boy, a past or current parent, or looking to join our community, we'd love to see you when we visit your local area.

Meet Executive Principal Garth Wynne and other members of the College community at an informal gathering.

Wednesday 24 July, 6–8pm, Chapman Tripp, 23 Albert Street, Auckland

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The Frogs


Freaky frogs, the Greek god of theatre Dionysus, William Shakespeare and an all-star cast appear in the upcoming Junior drama production, "The Frogs".

Based on Aristophanes’ original, "The Frogs: A Modern Adaptation by Don Zolidis" has revamped this ancient classic for the present day. Dionysus and his trusty servant Xanthias journey to the underworld to rescue Shakespeare, the greatest writer in history, and save the world from the plague of reality television and its ilk. Unfortunately, their plans go horribly awry when they are captured by a group of pop culture-loving frogs. This hilarious, imaginative production supported by a number of Rangi Ruru students forces us to question what technology has done to art, and how constant access to media has changed society.

25–27 June, 7.30pm, Old Boys' Theatre

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Christ's College Parents' Association Mid-Winter Drinks

On the last Friday of Term 2, the Parents' Association hosts mid-winter drinks. Come and share some mid-winter cheer in the beautifully decorated and elegant Dining Hall on Friday 5 July. We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday 5 July, 6–9pm, Dining Hall

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Parent Education Evening with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg – How technology can help student (and parent) wellbeing

The internet is evolving and technology is ever faster and smarter, which means – whether we like it or not – young people can be continuously connected online. While there are many well-reported downsides to life online, the reality is that there is also an upside to technology. In this presentation, the founder of SchoolTV and child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg will explore how technology – including smartphone apps, web-based programmes and biometric devices – can be used to promote student (and parent) wellbeing and enhance our lives.

Monday 22 July, 7.30pm, Assembly Hall

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