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As You Like It

A joint senior production by Christ's College and Rangi Ruru Girls' School.

“Can one desire too much of a good thing?” Come journey with Rosalind into the Forest of Arden as she navigates a new life beyond the dangerous underworld of Duke Frederick and seeks love and joy with the likewise banished Orlando. What awaits them in the forest? Freedom? Foolery and frivolity? Only the swift foot of time will tell! But we can assure you that this Christ’s College & Rangi Ruru adventure will be a comedic delight for all ages, not to be missed!

Monday 10 May, Wednesday 12 May, Friday 14 May, 7–9pm

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Oedipus Rex

A joint senior production by Christ's College and Rangi Ruru Girls' School.

Oedipus Rex (Oedipus the King) is regarded by many as the pinnacle of Greek tragedy. It is a story most people know - even if they have never seen it.

After travelling from his homeland Oedipus rids the town of Thebes of the Sphinx who has been destroying anyone who cannot answer its riddle. Oedipus solves the puzzle and the townspeople are so grateful they crown Oedipus king, and marry him to Jocasta, their recently widowed Queen.

Oedipus Rex takes up the story many years later when the city is suffering from plague and famine. Searching for solutions Oedipus sends his trusted brother-in-law Creon to ask the Oracle at Delphi to help them. The Oracle’s answer will confound Oedipus and devastate all their lives.

Oedipus learns that, even unwittingly, you cannot offend the Gods and hope to survive unscathed.

This production of Oedipus Rex is an updated version of Sophocles play using a modern translation and a mixture of ancient and contemporary conventions.

Tuesday 11 May, Thursday 13 May, Saturday 15 May, 7–8.30pm

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Community Visits

Everyone's welcome. Whether you’re an Old Boy, a past or current parent, or looking to join our community, we'd love to see you when we visit your local area. Meet Executive Principal Garth Wynne and other members of the College community at an informal gathering.

12 & 19 May, 6–8pm

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CCOBA Events

Hawke's Bay Branch Dinner

The committee of the Hawke's Bay branch of the CCOBA are organising an informal function for the evening of Thursday 8 April 2021 to be held at Giant Brewing Co, Treachers Lane, Havelock North (next to The Loading Ramp).

Expressions of interest to Philip Pinckney

Thursday 8 April

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