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Centre for Ethics & Spirituality – When good pictures go bad: Public perceptions of private suffering
Vicar of the Anglican Parish of Sumner–Redcliffs Rev. Thomas C Brauer

From the American and Spanish civil wars, through the great depression, right up to the conflicts and disasters of today, photography has played a significant role in portraying the violence, suffering and trauma of people’s lives. But many question the ethics of this action. Does photography of suffering help grow compassion, or create compassion fatigue? Does photography of violence educate and inform, or perpetuate conflict and pain?

In this presentation, Rev. Brauer will look at how photography and digital media is used to document our lives. The discussion will consider the ethics of taking photographs of people at their most vulnerable and sharing the images with a global audience. (Warning: Some images  may be confronting.) 

Thursday 30 August, 7.30pm, Chapman Room

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Association of Boys' Schools of NZ Conference

Association of Boys' Schools of New Zealand Conference for Deputy and Assistant Principals 'Creating a culture of excellence in modern Boys' Schools' Co-hosted by Christ's College and Christchurch Boys' High School

Thursday 30 - 31 August, 5.30pm

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Thought Leader - James Kerr

A Legacy of Parenthood
What The All Blacks Can Teach Us About Raising Young Men.

Christ’s College Old Boy James Kerr works with some of the world’s best high performing teams, from Manchester City to Liverpool Football Club, the British SAS to the US Navy SEALs, Team GB to Formula One, Google, Red Bull and Boeing. His global best-seller, Legacy, 15 Lessons in Leadership  (‘manna from heaven for those seeking to understand team culture’ - The Daily Telegraph) goes deep inside the All Blacks to understand what makes them the world’s most consistently successful team - and what they can teach us about leading an organisation, a team, even a life.

His work has been used to ‘reboot’ the cultures of FTSE 100 companies, Superbowl and Major League Baseball teams, World Cup soccer teams, Olympic performance pathways, … and to enhance character development at Eton College, Sandhurst Military Academy and Harvard Business School.

In this entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring presentation, he will focus on leadership lessons from the world’s most successful high performance organisations - including the All Blacks, the SAS and a young Gurkha team hit by an avalanche on Everest -  to provide insights for those leading, coaching and parenting young adults in order to help them reach their full potential. "Aim for the highest cloud, the proverb goes, because even if you come short you’ll hit a lofty mountain."

Sunday 2 September, 4pm, Chapman Room

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Year 9 Father & Son Breakfast

Saturday 8 September, 8am, The Dining Hall

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Cocktails on the Quad

This is the biggest Community Event at Christ's College in the beautifully decorated College marquee.  Everyone's welcome - current, past, future families and friends!!  A fun-filled night of entertainment - dress up, endless nibbles and drinks, plus lots of dancing...if you choose.  Please book your tickets today.  


Friday 14 September, 7.30pm

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