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Everyone's welcome. Whether you are an Old Boy, a past or current parent, or looking to join our community, we'd love to see you at our Community Visits.

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West Side Story
A stellar Rangi Ruru and Christ’s College company brings energy, vitality and chutzpah to this tale of vicious rivalry, passion, divided loyalty and heartbreak – a story that reverberates through the generations, from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to the countless tragedies of intolerance in today’s world. Youthful desires, fears and swagger are as ubiquitous now as they were back in 1950s America.

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16–19 May, 7.30pm, Christ's College Assembly Hall

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Centre for Ethics & Spirituality – How good is good enough?
How do we know if we are doing enough good in the world? How do we justify spending time and money on ourselves while millions suffer? Daniel McKay, a philosopher and ethicist from Canterbury University, will tackle these questions and more. Through his work on the value of exercising free will, he provides an answer that asks much of us to be a good person, but still allows us to spend time on the people and activities we love. This talk will touch on issues of effective altruism, moral obligation and moral demandingness.

Thursday 14 June, 7.30pm, Chapman Room

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