Tug-of-war returns with grunt

18 Nov 2022

They heaved and puffed, strained, sweated and groaned – all in the interests of House glory.

College’s Year 10 House teams put their all into the 2022 Tug of War Competition, held on Upper in perfect conditions on Thursday 17 November, with their friends screaming encouragement from the sideline.

Always a fun spectacle, the annual event for Years 9–11 was once again hotly contested after a lull because of Covid-19.

It came down to Flower’s House and School House for the Year 10 honours and only a spectacular effort by the School House boys resulted in victory.

Flower's House took out the Year 11 competition, which was held on 8 November, holding off Corfe House in the final. Meanwhile, Corfe House won the Year 9 Tug of War held on 15 November, beating Jacobs House in the final.