Ties that bind – Senior Honours for Executive Principal

23 May 2024

Taking Garth Wynne by surprise, the Christ’s College Old Boys’ Association (CCOBA) has presented the departing Executive Principal with a Senior Honours Tie at Assembly.

In his speech, CCOBA President Blue Henderson has highlighted Mr Wynne’s “singular determination to empower each boy to achieve at his best”, along with his “career-defining dedication to creating and championing an inclusive, nurturing, and student-centred environment”.

“For more than eight years, Garth’s all-encompassing and enriching style of leadership has steered Christ’s College to achieve so much for so many – both within the school and deep into the wider community,” Mr Henderson says. “His effective leadership flows around the school and well beyond the College gates.

“He has also been instrumental in reinforcing the role of the CCOBA, strengthening that powerful bond of the school with our amazing array of Old Boys around the world.

“For Garth, students and the College community are paramount. His drive to empower others to be their best inspires us all. His high expectations and single-minded focus have ensured that College is a place of exceptional learning and self-discovery, driven by a commitment to serve others.

“Under Garth’s guidance, our students are more resilient, eager to embrace opportunities, and ready to support others in their own personal journeys.

“In commendation of the huge contribution that Garth has made to the College community, the CCOBA is proud to award the Senior Honours Tie.”