The points add up for Cantamaths’ teams

29 Aug 2022

Mathematical brains were firing well when College’s teams fronted for this week’s annual Cantamaths’ competition.

One Year 9 team consisting of Ericsson Ye, Yannis Zhang, George Simonsohn and JJ Wada was 3rd overall, finishing with 90 points, and the other team finished on 85 points.

One Year 10 team, comprising Jack Hastie, Aaron Kwak, Ryan Gu and Richard Brown was 2nd overall, and just seconds from getting a golden ticket (100 points). The other two teams finished on 80 and 75 points.

Those involved from College were:

Year 9: Ericsson Ye, JJ Wada, Paddy Newton, Bill Cross, Charlie deCostobadie, Marco Howe, Yannis Zhang, Bill Li, Josh Shannahan, George Simonsohn.

Year 10: Aaron Kwak, Jack Hastie, Ryan Gu, Richard Brown, James Hadden, Callum Kingsbury, James Floyd, William Gifford, Sam Bennett, Charlie Doutch, David Wayne, Alex Johnston.