The mixed media of Arts Week

15 Sep 2023

Musical chairs, a ‘staffroom’ debate, and the challenge of finding student talent have all played a role in an entertaining Arts Week at College.

Harper House has ‘unseated’ all rivals to win the musical chairs contest, with a trio of Harper boys – led by Year 11 student Rico Lemalie – winning the pizza shout for the whole House.

In the students versus staff debate, teachers Chris Waugh, Anna Johnston, and Scott Franklin have successfully argued that ‘students should be allowed in the staffroom’.

While the teachers have highlighted the positives of greater collaboration through sharing the space, students Tom Moggie, Lachie Short, and Otto Elworthy have concerns over “teachers trying to get us to do their jobs for them”.

However, adjudicator Oscar Compton-Moen has had the final say, acknowledging the argument put forward by the teachers.

Earlier in the week, Year 9 student Oliver Trollip has provided the true talent, taking on the Rick Astley classic Never Gonna Give You Up to defy the title of the Non-Talent Fest.

Despite the varying degrees of ‘talent’ – the ‘magic’ of the light switch, how to draw a circle, and a Homer Simpson impersonation – shared by the other competitors, Oliver has won over the audience with his entertaining rendition.

Meanwhile, the winner of the ‘Create an Album Cover’ competition has been announced at Assembly, with Year 10 student Cam Hill’s Concrete taking the top cover title.

Arts Week has wrapped up with hot chocolates by the Quad to celebrate the end of Term 3.