Surge of surfing success for Jack Mckenzie

17 Oct 2022

Star surfer Jack Mckenzie is literally riding a wave of success, helping to power Canterbury to second spot at the National Scholastics competition in Taranaki.

At 16, Jack is “stoked to be competing in the national environment”.

“It was a really cool experience being part of a team as surfing is usually an individual sport,” the Year 12 student says. “I made a lot of new connections and friendships through being a member of the Canterbury team. It was also good surf off Taranaki.”

The 2023 College Head of Biculturalism adds that “it’s pretty hard to get into that level of surfing at 16”.

Jack was named in the regional team after winning the Canterbury Scholastics U18 division in May. Canterbury finished just 82 points behind Auckland at the national event during the school holidays.