Scott sharpens entrepreneurial skills

03 May 2021

Year 12 student Scott Gregan plans to ‘cut’ his own career path, creating high-quality stainless-steel knives for a growing market

After five years, the 16-year-old Christ’s College knife maker has built up a solid business from his Hunter home near Timaru, with his first international order to the United States adding to his booming domestic market.

Named Brookdale Knives, the handcrafted kitchen chef pieces – with stylish handles – are sold online and through retail stores.

Scott explains that the move into knife making “follows on from fond childhood memories of working in my grandfather’s shed and watching him make things and the satisfaction he got from his work, prompting a desire to also become a maker.”

He says his business “started slowly”, adding that he “would sell a knife and buy a new tool.”

“Last year was my first really big year – taking a hobby to a real business focus,” Scott says.

“I have also been fortunate to have great support from the knife-making community, including Shea Stackhouse and John Worthington. They have given me a lot of guidance and encouragement but many of my skills are self-taught.

This year, Scott has secured a brand deal with Mike Pero Real Estate, with his knives featuring as a “giveaway for home buyers.”

Scott has sold more than 50 of the prestige knives over the last year, priced from $250 to $450, depending on the size. Buyers can choose from four-inch, seven-inch and nine-inch knives.

A member of the Richards House boarding community, Scott heads home whenever he can to work on his knives in his specially fitted-out workshop.

He describes Brookdale Knives as a “passion project”, with plans to grow his business and eventually specialise in structural engineering.