Oscar is riding high

08 Mar 2023

There’s nothing that Oscar Talbot doesn’t enjoy about mountain biking.

His undeniable skill was most recently put to the test at the Torpedo7 MTB National Championships at Coronet Peak where Oscar rode into fourth place in the boys U17 race. Clocking four loops of the challenging course, Oscar completed the 14.5km and 760m of vertical terrain in 01:03:23.

“It was the steepest race I had ever done and even the pros that race overseas in the World Cups were saying that they would never usually race anything that steep.

Apart from that, the downhill was great fun and flowed really well, with nice berms and jumps, and a couple of tricky features.”

Oscar has loved biking as long as he can remember but began to pursue it more seriously late last year.

“There isn't one thing that I don't enjoy about it – apart from the injuries. But my favourite thing would be the places it can take you and the adventures that come with it.

“I enjoy going for rides with mates and having a good laugh with them out on the trails. I’m always looking forward to my next race and love going out for training rides to be as fast as possible for all my races.”

Oscar has a busy racing schedule ahead of him this year and in early 2024.