Oli Aikawa’s picture-perfect park scene stars

03 May 2022

Year 13 student Oli Aikawa has been awarded The Creators’ Room Scholarship for his colourful oil artwork titled Hagley.

HAGLEY by Oli Aikawa, oil

The scholarship is worth $3000, with Oli’s work being chosen from more than 2000 entries from 24 Canterbury secondary schools. Reis Azlan, who was in Year 13 last year, has also been recognised with a top-five spot for his striking watercolour, Malay Wedding.

Malay Wedding by Reis Azlan, watercolour

The judging panel found the final selection process “very challenging, given the incredibly high standard of work”.

Hosted by The Creators’ Room, the annual scholarship and Art Stars exhibition feature outstanding original work by school students aged 15–18. The works of the top five artists will feature in a blind auction at the 2022 exhibition, scheduled for September.