Nurturing students to protect the environment

20 May 2021

College students have joined parents and staff to help plant 3000 trees – grown by local schools – along the QEII Adventure Trail.

In total, 300 volunteers dug deep for two hours last Sunday, leaving the trail with a partial western boundary.

Eco-Action Nursery Trust Chair David Newton says the planting sessions are a great opportunity for students to have a positive impact on their environment.

“We can all play a part in mitigating climate change and increasing biodiversity. With our latest plantings, birds will be able to feast on the berries for many years to come.’’

The native trees and plants are grown from seeds sourced locally by the Eco-Action Trust. After the seeds germinate, students pot the small seedlings in preparation for planting.

The next session gets under way at 10am on Sunday June 20, with volunteers planting the remaining prepared section at QEII.