Mountain bikers pumped with SI success

28 Mar 2024

College mountain bikers have powered around Coronet Peak, with Wilbur Talbot and Oscar Talbot claiming titles at the South Island Mountain Biking Championships.

Wilbur has also combined with fellow Year 9 student Joe Osborne and Sam Hurst (Year 10) to win the U16 cross-country relay while Oscar has joined forces with fellow Year 12 student David Wayne and Kiki Anglem (Year 11) to finish 3rd in the U20 relay. Tawhai Anglem (Year 9) has claimed 3rd place in the U15 Enduro event.

In the U15 individual cross-country, Wilbur has won the title, with Joe finishing 3rd while Oscar has secured the U20 individual title. Tawhai Anglem has finished 7th overall in the U15 section, Sam 9th in the U16, Kiki 5th in the U17, and David 7th in the U20. Thomas Mortlock (U15) and Tim Tolerton (U20) have also lined up in the cross-country, boosting the College team.

In the downhill event, Arthur Farrell (U16) has finished 9th, Hugh Farrell (U15) 4th, and Max Wilkinson (U15) 8th. Jackson Douglas, James Saunders, and Vilmos McLachlan (U17), Tawhai and Harry Whyte (U15), Max McCone, Deacon Ash, and Liam Mullinger (U16) have also navigated the course. Meanwhile, Max Wilkinson (U15, 5th), Hugh (7th), Jackson, David, Kiki, James, Arthur, Max McCone, Deacon, Harry, Liam, James McNeill, and Tim have also tackled the Enduro event.