Language scholars win awards

23 Jun 2022

Speaking another language takes hard work, practice and courage.

But when native speakers understand you, there is nothing more exhilarating.

Fifteen College students achieved NCEA 2021 Certificates of Excellence for their written and oral competency in another language.

At assembly today, 11 students received Certificates of Excellence from the NZ Association of Language Teachers, and Head of Department Susan Harding said all could speak and write with a high level of proficiency.

They were:

  • NCEA Level 1 French endorsed with Excellence – Thomas Foster, Oliver Glossop, Lachlan Short, Lewis Whiteside.
  • NCEA Level 1 Japanese endorsed with Excellence – Samuel Cross, Angus Gifford, Boyuan Li.
  • NCEA Level 2 Japanese endorsed with Excellence – Yusef Elnahas, Azhar Ghafoor.
  • NCEA Level 2 Spanish endorsed with Excellence – Ciaran Huntley, Jasper Moss.