Julius new home of street art

10 Jun 2021

A colourful splash of College sporting life now bursts into the Year 11 common room in Julius House.

Created by leading street artist Guy Ellis (aka Dcypher), the new mural has been powered into place by parents and boys wanting a more vibrant space. It captures the joy of Athletics Day, with a Julius student clearly winning a big race ­– urged on by boys and parents alike – and featuring the planned new gym building, Upper West.

With only a five-day window, the mural has been created with spray cans, rather than by hand painting.

Julius Housemaster Dr Mike Field says parents have worked with the Year 11 boys right from the start to create a more welcoming space and bring a unique piece of art ­– featuring one of the most popular days on the College calendar – to Julius.

A great deal of effort has gone into the mural, with Dcypher visiting College on the big sporting day to get a “sense of the event” and develop an idea to bring colour to the bare brick wall.

“The new mural certainly captures all the excitement and colour of Athletics Day. It is an obvious, all-inclusive theme and such a great annual event,” he says.

“The boys have helped drive this picture-perfect project for the House, with the mural being donated by a Julius family.”