Jacobs House takes a bow for Best House Play

14 Aug 2023

Jacobs House has lit up the stage, lifting the Tothill Cup for Best House Play at the annual REACTION House Plays Festival in the Assembly Hall.

Titled The Head of House, the play – written by Jaspar Thomas and Charles Beale – features a battle for House supremacy, highlighting “the strength that comes from within”. Jacobs stage star Alex Law has also won the Runner-up Best Actor Award for playing ‘Alex Law’.

Director of Drama Hannah Clarkson has applauded all the Houses, acknowledging the boys’ hard work and commitment to House Plays.

“Several plays were written by senior Drama students and each group was managed superbly by their directors,” she says. “Special thanks must go to our fabulous Drama staff – Nikki Bleyendaal, Shannon Small, and Philippa Dye – as well as our fantastic crew, led by Year 13 students Elliott Grey and Sean Jang.”

Condell’s House has been awarded 2nd place for It’s All in Your Head – directed by Noah Yee and Nick Sharr – while Julius House has taken 3rd spot with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Wine, written and directed by William Sudell and Otto Elworthy.

Alex Johnston has been recognised as Best Director for the Somes House play, The Lorax, while Josh Ratulomai has been acclaimed for his performance in Jamie’s First Day for Corfe House.

The on-stage ‘Magic Moments’ include the ‘Bunnings commercial’ (School House), the wizard death line-up (Julius), Jesus on a skateboard (Jacobs), David’s bathroom break (Corfe), and Ron and Hermione’s dip (Richards.)

Julius, Rolleston, and Flower’s Houses have all picked up Production Awards.

Nearly 250 students have been involved in either writing, directing, acting, or contributing backstage as part of the festival.

Judges Ben Limmer and Kira Josephson have been impressed by the energy, creativity, and teamwork on show across the two nights of the festival.


Magic Moments

  • School – the Bunnings commercial
  • Julius – the wizard death line-up
  • Jacobs – Jesus on a skateboard
  • Corfe – David’s bathroom break
  • Richards – Ron and Hermione’s dip

Actor Awards

  • Angus Vincent (Condell’s)
  • Max Topham (Condell’s)
  • Dan Wilson (Harper)
  • Lewis Whiteside (Harper)
  • Josh Shannahan (Somes)
  • James Burt (Somes)
  • Hugo Sudell (Julius)
  • Ethan Crilly (Richards)
  • Tate Aikawa (Corfe)
  • Joel Fulford (Corfe)
  • George Matthews (Flower’s)

Runner-up Best Actor

  • Alex Law (Jacobs)

Best Actor

  • Josh Ratulomai (Corfe)

Ensemble Awards

  • School – Friends Episode 1
  • Flower’s – The Villain Pub
  • Somes – The Lorax

Production Awards

  • Julius – lighting, props, costumes
  • Rolleston – blood, lighting, props
  • Flower’s – lighting, costumes, make-up

People’s Choice (night one)

  • Jacobs – The Head of House

People’s Choice (night two)

  • Corfe – Jamie’s First Day

Director’s Awards

  • Wilby Cameron and Lewis Whiteside (Harper)
  • Nick Sharr and Noah Yee (Condell’s)
  • Joel Fulford and Nick Brown (Corfe)

Best Director

  • Alex Johnston (Somes)

3rd Place

  • Julius – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Wine

2nd Place

  • Condell’s – It's All in Your Head

Best House Play – Tothill Cup

  • Jacobs – The Head of House