Inducting the Prefects, licensing the Chaplain

03 Feb 2022

Adaptable, resilient and good-humoured – the Prefects showed all those characteristics and more as they were sworn in today at a special service and received their Prefect’s tie, in the Christ’s College Assembly Hall.

Usually conducted in the Chapel in front of the whole school, this year’s induction service involved just the 25 senior students, and was live-streamed to parents and the wider school community.

It also included the licensing of the new College Chaplain Rev. Cameron Pickering by Old Boy and Bishop of the Christchurch Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr Peter Carrell, who is also the Warden of the school.

“At the heart of College is the chaplain, whose key role is to be helping the school to be modelled after the character of Christ,” said Dr Carrell.

“This license expresses my confidence in Cameron to do the job of Chaplain.”

Executive Principal invited Head Prefect Benji Ward to make the promise on behalf of all the Prefects to endeavor to fulfil loyally their responsibilities and duties both inside and outside the school. He challenged the Prefects and all the students “to bring your best to be your best.”

“We all have a sense of apprehension about how things are right now; all I can say is be present, in the now.”

Benji said the Prefect group was very excited about their task ahead, and proud of the resilience and adaptability shown by the school.

“We’re prepared and eager for 2022. We have decided that relationships are something we value most highly, and urge everyone to get involved this year. At least try one or two new things. The more you are involved in, the more you’ll get out of it”.

You can watch a recording of the live-stream here –