Hat trick for Jake in Canty Athletics

05 Apr 2024

Year 10 Jake Boyd turned in an outstanding performance at the recent Canterbury Secondary School Track and Field Championships.

Defying the inclement weather, Jake broke three U14 Canterbury records – in the Shot Put (13.66m), Discus (51.11m ), and Javelin (48.59m).

Graeme Christey, our MiC of Athletics, doesn’t recall any other student breaking three records in one day.

“Certainly, no Christ’s College athletes have achieved this feat before. The conditions were far from ideal, which made Jake’s performances on the day even more remarkable.”

Graeme says a strong cold southerly with occasional skiffs of rain made for challenging conditions and the event finishing under lights for the first time made for a different experience.

“But we had some excellent results over a number of events. Some boys did not place in the top three or didn’t make a final but they achieved a personal best in their event(s).

“Thank you to staff and coaches for supporting the boys during the day. Their results were a testament to their hard work over the summer and on the day. We all appreciated the parental support, particularly when we needed to pack the wet tent down at the end of the day.”

Results: please note all boys were in finals after the preliminary rounds on Tuesday.


Jake Boyd
U14 Shot Put – 13.66m (Record)
Discus – 51.11m (Record)
Javelin – 48.59m (Record)

George Wood
U14 800m – 2.12.92
3000m – 9.52.24

Max Hurring
U14 80m Hurdle – 12.48

Paddy Laidlaw
U14 Triple Jump – 11.34m

Fynn Mayers
U16 Hammer – 26.29m

Riley Diver
U19 Pole Vault – 3.10m


Max Hurring
U14 Triple Jump – 10.68m

Louis Hiatt
U15 3000m – 10.07.66

Ben Campbell
U16 800m – 2.09.69

Che De Luca
U16 High Jump – 1.70m

Otto Church
U16 Pole Vault – 3.20m

Harrison Liang
U19 400m – 51.66

Armani Lemalu
U19 Shot Put – 13.91m

Christ’s College
U14 4x100m relay (Hurring, Wood, Scott, Moore) – 50.82

Christ’s College
U19 4x100m relay (Liang, Coberger, Geng-Wang, Campbell ) – 45.83


Sam Moore
U14 1500m – 4.45.14

Ben Campbell
U16 400m – 53.18

Jake Walkers
U16 Hammer – 21.25m

Harrison Laing
U19 200m – 23.05

Armani Lemalu
U19 Discus – 41.99m

Alex De Luca
U19 Hammer – 27.58m

Tomas Coberger
U19 Javelin – 42.15m

Christ’s College
Open 4x400m relay (Liang, Diver, Church, Campbell ) – 3.40.38


Max Hurring
U14 4th 200m – 25.42

Sam Moore
U14 4th Pole Vault – 2.30m

Otto Church
U15 4th 800m – 2.16.99
U15 4th 1500m – 4.40.72

George Currie
U15 4th 3000m – 10.12.54

Che De Luca
U16 4th Triple Jump – 11.00m

Felix Bowden
U19 4th Hammer – 27.55m

Dominic Johnstone
Para 4th Discus – 7.55m

Dan Flutey
U19 5th Hammer – 26.72m

Felix Bowden
U19 5th Shot Put – 12.23m

Benson Geng-Wang
U19 5th 100m – 11.76

Henry Hiatt
U19 5th 3000m – 10.27.31

Josh Ratulomai
U19 6th Shot Put – 12.11m

Christ’s College
U16 6th 4x100m relay (Botha,De Luca, Church, Edmundson) – 49.68

Benson Geng-Wang
U19 6th 100m – 24.32

Dominic Johnstone
Para 6th Shot Put – 2.89m

Sam Scott
U14 7th 400m – 1.03.82

Sam Moore
U14 7th High Jump – 1.50m

Joss Langman
U14 7th Triple Jump – 9.97m

Oliver Simpson
U16 7th 3000m – 10.46.31

Bertie Botha
U15 8th 100m – 12.11

Alex Lacelles
U15 9th Triple Jump – 10.10m

Oliver Simpson
U16 9th 1500m – 4.57.93

Jack Gorrie
U15 10th 1500m – 5.06.61

Marcello Ferguson
U16 11th 1500m – 5.01.76