Gold standard in academic excellence

24 Feb 2023

Outstanding College students have been lauded at the Academic Assembly, with five boys receiving the highest honour – the 2022 Gold Tie.

Awarded to those students with the highest percentage of Excellent credits in one year, the recipients are Academic Prefect Angus Gifford, Head Prefect Ed Davidson, Deputy Head Prefect Matthew Brett, Head of Boarding Lachie Short, and Cambridge University Immerse Education scholarship winner Sean Jang. They have also been awarded their Gold Buttons for achieving the required number of Excellence credits for two consecutive years.

The other recipients of Gold Buttons following successive years of high-level achievement are Thomas Douglas, James Drury, Tom Foster, Oliver Glossop, Josh Hooker, Michael Li, William Sudell, Lewis Whiteside, Nick Wilson, and Lucca Wiseman.

Nine boys – Charles Beale, Otto Elworthy, Joel Fulford, Jonty Inglis, Thomas Moggie, Matthew O'Connor, Gus Pavey, Greg Robertson, and George Rookes – have been awarded Gold Badges for achieving 70 Excellence credits in one year or 80 Excellence credits in more than one year.

Assistant Principal – Curriculum Nicole Billante has praised all the boys for “staying motivated and on task”, adding that 2022 has been “the most challenging year of the pandemic from an academic perspective”. She has also congratulated the students for successfully navigating a tough time, with 86 boys receiving endorsements at NCEA Level 2.

Meanwhile, four boys have gained Scholarship in Year 12, including Lachie Short and Ethan Kepple in English, Joshua Hooker in Music (Outstanding), and Angus Gifford in English and Biology.

Gold Ties
Matthew Brett
Ed Davidson
Angus Gifford
Sean Jang
Lachie Short

Gold Buttons
Thomas Douglas
James Drury
Tom Foster
Oliver Glossop
Josh Hooker
Michael Li
William Sudell
Lewis Whiteside
Nick Wilson
Lucca Wiseman

Gold Badges
Charles Beale
Otto Elworthy
Joel Fulford
Jonty Inglis
Thomas Moggie
Matthew O'Connor
Gus Pavey
Greg Robertson
George Rookes