Gold standard in academic achievement

06 Mar 2024

Outstanding College students have been acknowledged at the Academic Assembly, with five boys receiving the highest honour – the Gold Tie.

Awarded to those students with the highest percentage of Excellence credits in one year, the recipients are Harry Beaglehole, Freddie Coates, Matty Hickman, Nicholas Sharr, and Head of Academic Seann Zhao. Both Freddie and Nicholas have also been awarded their Gold Buttons for gaining their Academic Honours with the College Diploma in Year 11 and their Gold Badge for Year 12 results.

The other recipients of Gold Buttons following successive years of high-level achievement are Saleh Ameen, Franklin Barry, Zinzan Bondarenko-Leatua, Oscar Compton-Moen, Josh Durant, Matthew Flint, Harry Vaughan, and Angus Whitteker.

Eight boys – Lucas Evans, Hugo Helmore, Robert Kidd, Gordon Liu, Jacob Onions, Tom Rawstron, Peter Wu, and Calib Wyness – have been awarded Gold Badges for achieving 70 Excellence credits in one year or 80 Excellence credits in more than one year.

Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning Nicole Billante has told the Assembly that “it is my honour to be acknowledging the successes of so many boys”.

“Today is all about our top-achieving students in Year 12 last year. The boys have all achieved phenomenal results at NCEA Level 2. To gain one of the honours today, these boys have all had to achieve at least 70 Excellence credits. Our highest achieving student has gained 123 Excellence credits.

“As a year group, the current Year 13s increased the achievement level of NCEA Level 2 to nearly 98% – the highest pass rate in my time in this role. They are a testament to continued academic excellence through times of disruption and change.”

Gold Ties
Harry Beaglehole
Freddie Coates
Matty Hickman
Nicholas Sharr
Seann Zhao

Gold Buttons
Saleh Ameen
Franklin Barry
Zinzan Bondarenko-Leatua
Oscar Compton-Moen
Josh Durant
Matthew Flint
Harry Vaughan
Angus Whitteker

Gold Badges
Lucas Evans
Hugo Helmore
Robert Kidd
Gordon Liu
Jacob Onions
Tom Rawstron
Peter Wu
Calib Wyness