Glorious food and a crack at golf

01 Nov 2021

Donuts and dumplings, sushi and sausage sizzles, it was all on offer at the Year 10 market day at lunchtime on Friday 29 October.

Eighteen business teams involving 75 boys presented ice pops, sweets, burritos, pikelets and pancakes and a whole lot more for the wider College community in stalls on Upper and in Upham Quad. Money changed hands, with one keen golf fan admitting to spending at least $10 on the golf activity which charged $2 for four balls, and offered a $50 prize to anyone hitting the target. Commerce teacher Graeme Christey said each project represented a real life business venture, and ideally all of them would make a profit for their teams.

“They planned their project, produced it, and in the week to come will reflect on it.”

In the process the boys learnt a lot about the practicalities of business and honed their accounting skills. They also discovered that business was a much more complex activity than they’d thought!”