Game on for active Arts Week at College

25 Jun 2021

A feast of student-led fun has brought boys together for Arts Week at College.

Among the highlights were a student-staff debate, a game challenge, musical chairs, a talent/non-talent show and a painting competition.

The week got under way with the Game Show – hosted by Alex Brett and Sam Kelly – featuring a blindfold taste test, a tricky question on unicorns and a tough tie-up challenge.

The Wounders – Charlie Cameron, Hanjun Kim and Bradley Shearer – wrapped up the win in the final round, edging out The Beany Boys (Tom Clarke, George Gearry and Freddie Sudell) in a highly competitive contest in the Old Boys’ Theatre.

Interestingly, for quiz fans, a group of unicorns is called a ‘blessing’.

On Tuesday, “good traditions, well maintained” won the day in the annual Christ’s College student-staff debate.

In the affirmative, staff agreed that “this College would replace the College Board with student representatives”. Led by Chemistry HoD Scott Franklin, the staff team – including English HoD Chris Waugh and Australian Drama gap tutor William Braham – argued it would be great to “just be one of the boys”.

Despite their best efforts, students George Gearry, Josh Jolly and Claude Tellick – proved too strong, arguing “good traditions, well maintained” were integral to the Board. Organised by Oscar Gosling, the debate was judged by Old Boy Jamie Yee, with Josh named best speaker.

On Wednesday, rousing renditions of several of the boys’ favourite hymns set the Arts Week tone at Congers, followed by a robust game of musical chairs as boys tried to carefully time their runs – with Monty Hamilton securing the final seat for victory.

Thursday presented a chance for College’s Non-Talent and Talent to exhibit itself at a lunchtime show in the Assembly Hall. A very appreciative audience enjoyed a calf muscle flex, a jaw cracking performance, solo sax playing, a piano duet – four hands, one keyboard – jokes, an unaccompanied sextet, a Jay Z rap, a critic’s rant … the lineup seemed endless!

In the end, two guitarists were singled out for glory. The sheer skill of Tom Clarke’s rendition of Danny Boy won him the Talent section, while Gus Priest won the Non-Talent section.

Friday’s finale of Arts Week was a House painting competition in the Assembly Hall. With a professional painting tutorial screening above them, teams of painters worked at fever pitch to replicate the mountain scene. Creativity was at a premium with colours blended and mixed, and all parts of the brush used to great effect. By the time chief judge Reis Azlan yelled “brushes down” the works were looking impressive. Tickets to the Moscow circus await the winners.