From Sydney with love – for Grandparents Day

14 May 2021

Year 9 boarder in Richards House, Cooper Crighton got the surprise of his life when he spotted grandparents Lynne and Conrad Crighton at today’s annual Grandparents’ Day celebration.

The pair had flown in from Sydney earlier in the week, caught up with family in Blenheim, but managed to keep their presence secret from Cooper until today.

“We haven’t seen him for two years. He’s got no idea we’re going to be here. I believe since we last saw him he’s grown about a metre,” said grandmother Lynne beforehand.

The family reunion will continue with “a big steak dinner” tonight and tomorrow they will be spectators as Cooper’s rugby team aims for victory.

Among the capacity crowd which packed the Chapel for the service and later enjoyed morning tea in the Chapman Room, was 99-year-old John Rutherford who came by to see three great grandsons – Year 13 Sean Rutherford-Bradford and Year 9 Alex Rutherford who are both in Jacobs House, and Year 9 Fergus McCone from School House.

“This is a milestone,” said John who attended College from 1936–1938.

With the Grandparents Day celebration cancelled last year because of Covid, today’s event was especially popular and poignant.

Chaplain Bosco Peters, speaking about good traditions, said grandparents played an important part in the lives of their grandchildren, and were a strong influence for good.

Studies on the grandparent/grandchild relationship showed that an emotionally tight relationship between the two was mutually beneficial.